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全國最大實景地圖上線 被稱"中國版Google Street View"

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Photo spell malls and hundreds of millions of views, fine sweep shot picture also used for emergency rescue. "I show China" Virtual Map website yesterday, called the "Chinese version of Google Street View" on the line, and will provide real world map image for the website. National Mapping Geographic Information Bureau official said that this indicates that China has entered the real geographic information technology services.


"我秀中國(www.ishowchina.com)" website is the world's most advanced mobile surveying and mapping technology to create real real map service website, through a clear image to show the real continuous urban style Chinese cities, like 100 more "real city" on the Internet.


Public Security: to help find a home for the elderly lost


The so-called "real" of geographic information services, that can provide three-dimensional map of the site, is not made ??out of used computer software architecture, scene models, nor video clips with the camera, video camera, but people opening the website, as immersive as possible to achieve 360-degree tour to watch.


Filial daughter received from the countryside to urban elderly to enjoy life, the old man has lost his way close to home. Good-hearted people to the police station for the elderly, the police repeatedly asked tablets children, the elderly could not tell their own house number, not the cell also describe the way. So the police to open the computer chip children, start "my show Chinese" official system, the whole point of the surrounding area will open with the mouse when the "feet", traveled around multiple cells. "I live here!" When the real photos of red brick floor building appears on the screen, the old man suddenly shouted out.


Such cases occur in Kashgar, Benxi, Wenzhou, Nanning has been put into the public security system will use real map of the city. "Real" of the plane so that the two-dimensional map, it becomes a real general as immersive. Beijing Olympics security, the new China was founded 60 anniversary parade security process, but also the use of such a real emergency services.


Municipal: you can check the car in direct violation


When the law enforcement officers driving a car with the terminal equipment, travel to Changchun Xinglongshan exports in high-speed, displayed on the terminal screen, labeled "Changchun Xinglongshan" green signage length of 3.2 m, width 1.4 m, two-lane width of 13.1 meters.


The same technique as long as the modified, can be used for municipal, traffic patrol. When the road patrol car driving in the city roads, the system can be from all around the traffic lights, traffic signs, location, and vehicle and display one of these facilities. When traveling to the location of road signs have been removed, the system can also display the operating records of the region, the operating time and the construction unit.


Having identified the problem, law enforcement officers in the terminal operation can be carried out directly on the reported cases, and illegal conduct real positioning. Synaptic square space technology development relevant responsible person said, the current Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission, Ningbo highway, Zhuzhou Road, Jiangxi and Guangdong Provincial Expressway and other competent authorities have also adopted this based on geographic information, real 3d, video surveillance and the Internet the new system.


Life: Path navigation accuracy to decimeter


Reporters found yesterday click this web page, and some "real map" commercial sites offer compared to "my show China" picture connected almost no pause. Relevant responsible person said, "Virtual Map" millions of dollars need to use a professional mobile measurement system, the data results include high-definition 360-degree panoramic images, stereo images to measure the composition of decimeter accuracy of three-dimensional coordinate data and other information. There are currently dozens of nationwide mobile measurement system operations, total miles driven over 1.2 million kilometers, the equivalent of 30 laps Earth ring. Constitutes a picture "I show China" website, are also from these mobile measurement system returned.


Such systems and data, or incoming phone after road navigation, real image will follow the movement of the car's position changes, click on the "My Location" can recall the recent real image directly determine the orientation and reference. At the same time, including the slope and turning radius, decimeter accuracy of three-dimensional coordinate data, but also to provide a "downhill Please brakes", "road deviation to the left 10 degrees, please hit the steering wheel" and other roads and guidance for novice drivers.


Reporters found that the system Beijing area has been achieved within the rings, the scope of the airport near real full coverage. At present, "I show China" has been applied to provide iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices to download the system, the public can use for free.


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"I show China" and Google Street View What's the difference?


Although "I show China" is called "Chinese version of Google Street View", but both in terms of data collection, the product supply are different. This reporter interviewed at the conference site Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, academicians, professors, State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Wuhan University Li Deren, he said, in addition to the need to enhance the efficiency of data management than, "I show China" the database features more accurate.


"Google Street View maps and I show Chinese Street View are provided free internet real map, but comparatively speaking, I show Chinese street from the professional measurement, is a national certification, data can be shared, while Google Street View to see though, but the data is not accurate, but belong to the visual streetscape, not responsible for the accuracy. "Li Deren said.


Recently, Google Street View cars had collected users' private data because the accused. Recently, after three years of investigation, Google has finally agreed to pay a fine of 12, $ 7,000,000, and the commitment to the destruction of relevant information. And "I show China" Although the picture is accurate to decimeter level, but if the image to enlarge, viewers will find all of the human face, license plate, etc. may result in disclosure of the information is vague, but the license plate of the same size and stores information cards is very clear. Synaptic space technology official said, the system has been added automatically blur faces, license plate features, but also someone leak filled, and then the picture manually screened to avoid being photographed crowd information leakage.